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In the dictionary "Cancer" means tumour, a disease in which these form. Breast cancer is one of these forms. Now a days, more than ten percent of women have breast cancer, this is terrible! In traditional Chinese medicine theory "tumour" comes from a body circulation block and virus, such as lymphatic system block by  depression, long term nervous, unhappiness etc. These reason could effected lymphatic system block and connected with circulation canal resist, that stops blood circulating as normal, plus the woman comes to menopause stage having endocrine disorder, all about this could make high rate to catch breast cancer for women between 40-60 years old of age, and it is increasing annually, the breast cancer remains to be one of the most common cancers. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture have very good recipe for soothing the body meridian canal, reduce stress, depress, increase immune system energy and restore and balance five organs energy too. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture should actively participate in their own care plan for the breast cancer patients.



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