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Having acupuncture treatment for cosmetic that was primary luxury, generally reserved for the empress in China a long time ago. This special acupuncture initiates the healing process for rejuvenation and longevity as well as health.

In the treatment room what happens is the acupuncturist gently taps super-fin, sharp needles into the face skin, of course on the point. It doesn’t hurt, there’s just a slight tingle as each needle sticks in, most people can still open the eye and see what is happening. This treatment is not poisonous and has no side effects, no mechanics have been used, no wound or damage, easy, safe, and the effect is immediate, regular session will keep you looking rejuvenated and are recommended.

Now a days, people don’t really want to inject poison into their faces. A pain less and the best treatment for all ages is the tapping needles cosmetology acupuncture, that is definitely! It is a newest weapon in the anti -ageing war. If you think you are worth it, you must give it a try.



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