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As one of the naturopathy Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has won more and more reputation. Medical decocting use can be done by patents, Best effect would be achieved with proper ways. 1 Decocting appliances: There are all sorts of appliances for decocting. The best option is earthen or pottery pot. Metal pot is forbidden for medicine decocting. 2 Water for decocting, Water for decocting needs to be pure and natural. Water from river, lake and well or purified water is perfect. 3 Medicine marinating before decocting, Chinese medicine should be marinated in cool water and put in room temperature for half an hour. Then water can fully infiltrate into medicine and useful ingredients can be fully dissolved in decoction. 4 Decocting Chinese herbal medicine, Put the medicine inside the pot with reasonable amount water and cover the pot. Decoct with big fire till boiling, decoct about 10 minutes. After boiling, stir and then decoct about 25 minutes with small fire. 5 Container for decoction, Containers made of pottery, enamel and glass are good to contain decoction, but metal and plastic ones should be avoided. Decoction should be poured out of pot after it is done. Don’t keep it in the pot for a long time. 6 Time for medicine taking, Generally medicine should be taken 1-2 hours before or after meal. Time should be decided according to patients’ condition. For special case should follow doctors’ advice.


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