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There are two types of the haemorrhoids, internal and external, depending on their location. No matter which type of the haemorrhoids, according to traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture’s theory, you don’t need to treat the local area of the disease, there is a special way to cure it.

First of all, haemorrhoids disease is liver problem, no matter what kind of liver disease, it will make difficulty to let the blood out from the vessel of the liver goes into the large intestine, this will lead the blood circulation from the vessel to go down to the large intestine intravenously and create haemorrhoids, therefore, to treat haemorrhoids you should treat liver disease first.

Secondly, this disease also relates with "damp heat" especially go to the lower parts of the body, so treat haemorrhoids also need to treat spleen.

There is a technology to treat haemorrhoids, it is very different with other treatment, it is called "plucking the vessels bloodletting therapy". The practitioner uses a special needle to prick certain points on the body meridian, and using special cupping technology to let blood out, reducing the internal dry heat. After a few sessions of treatment, the patient’s haemorrhoids either shrink back or burst out and through the large intestine pass out from the body. With this treatment, some people take a longer time to heal, the others might just take one or two sessions to clear this problem. What a fantastic treatment for this nasty disease!



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