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Moxibution therapy can be used not only to treat problems of the body, but also to prevent occurrence of diseases, and to function well in health-care and life-lengthening. Health-care moxibution is a method for enhancing the body’s resistance and prolonging life-span via regulating both Qi and blood, dredging meridian-collaterals, and nourishing Zangfu organs by performing moxibustion at the specific acupoints. It can also be used to enhance the constitution of patients with chronic disease. It is one of the unique health-preservation methods and has a long history in China. When not having any apparent disorders and if frequently performing moxibution over GuanYuan(CV4), Qi hai(VC6),Mingguan(SP17), and Zhongwan(CV12), a man or woman will be possible to live more than one hundred years. It indicates that the ancient Chinese health-cultivator had accumulated affluent practical experience in applying moxibution to health-cultivation. Due to simple operation, side-effects free, better efficacy and suiting both the aged and the young, moxibution therapy has attracted great attention and been utilized by more and people. At the present, the health-cultivation moxibustion at main acupoints Zusanli(ST36), Shenque(CV8), Guanyuan(CV4), Qihai(CV6), Dazhui(14), Zhongwan(CV12),and Gaohuangshu(BL43) is often used.


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