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Acupuncture are the sites through which the Qi (Vital energy) of organs and meridians can flow to the body surface. Stimulation of these points can regulate the function of organs and meridians, and enhance the circulation in the skin… For skin beauty treatment, the most important acupuncture’s acupoints are along the gallbladder meridian, kidney meridian, liver meridian, stomach meridian, triple burner meridian, large intestine meridian, and small intestine meridian. Doctor will select the points according to individual needs . For example, acupuncture for removing facial wrinkles will choose the following acupoints:

Major points: si zhu kong, cuan zhu, tai yang, jia che, yi feng.

Assist  points: zhong wan, he gu, qu chi, zu sanli, wei shu, guan yuan, lou gu.

Moxibution is also a good method for skin beauty; points that are commonly selected include shen que, guan yuan, qihai, zhong wan, ming men, da zhui, shen zhu, gaohuang, shen shu, wei shu, zu san li, san yin jiao, qu chi, xia lian.

Each time choose 1-2 the points heat 3-5 moxa cones, or moxa sticks for 3-5 minutes, apply on daily basis.


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