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                              HOW ACUPUNCTURE CAN TREAT DISEASES

                                            Acupuncture affects the human body in three different ways:                        

                                            1.  Relaxing tendon and activating collaterals.

                                            2. Supporting healthy Qi to eliminate pathogens.

                                            3. Harmonious Yin and yang.

Internal Collaterals are part of Fu organs, connected externally to limbs. The acupuncture main physiology function is delivering Qi and blood. Acupuncture can action Qi, making collaterals easy and smooth, supporting healthy Qi to eliminate pathogens:

1. Strengthening Qi is supporting healthy Qi, in order to improve the ability to fight diseases.

2. Dispelling pathogens is expelling mechanism of disease, remove the element that could affect and lead to diseases.

3. If Qi is healthy and energetic this will dispelling diseases, if it is weak, then disease is more likely.

When there is a disease, Yin and Yang become unbalanced, because Qi energy disappears or grows. Acupuncture brings unbalanced Yin and Yang back to normal. This is the principle theory of TCM. Under the balancing method, acupuncture can treat most diseases.


 How Acupuncture can Treat Disease

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