Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic

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     42 Market Street


    Telford TF1 1DT

    United Kingdom


Call: ++44 (0) 1952 250458

Email: wangherbal@gmail.com

   Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic treat different disease by Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture needling methods. When a disease occurs, it is diagnosed by means of four kinds of diagnostic methods, namely observing, listening, questioning and palpating.

We can treat:Infectious diseases, Diseases of respiratory system, Diseases of circulatory system,Diseases of digestive system, Diseases of blood system, Diseases of urinary and Reproductive systems, Endocrine and metabolism diseases, Neural and mental diseases, Diseases of locomotor
system, Diseases of surgery and dermatology, Diseases of eyes, Ears, nose, and throat. Gynaecological disease, pediatrics diseases, and others:

High fever, Coma, Obstinate hiccup, Stopping smoking or drinking, infertility, Hair Loss, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture) Cosmetology etc.


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