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What Is TCM Cosmetology

TCM Cosmetology is a new rising TCM science that deals with bodybuilding and fitness of the human body, it is based on several principle foundations, and formed by interconnecting under the guidelines of the TCM theories and bodybuilding theories. It studies prevention of the diseases that harm the beauty of the human body. Readjustment and coverage of the physical defects that harm the beauty of the human body. Explores ways that prevent aging to keep the beauty of both the outlook and the figure of the human body. As long as the treatments of the diseases the harm the beauty of the human body are concerned. The TCM has interconnecting with other sciences on one hand, but the TCM cosmetology has it’s own specific characteristics on the other. The treatment of the TCM cosmetology are guided by the aesthetic theory, different from other therapies that do not consider the aesthetics theory. The treatment methods of the TCM cosmetology are relatively complete, including implant acupuncture,acupuncture-moxibustion, massage, herbal medicine, diet suggestions etc. That are comprehensive applied, sometime even effective approaches in daily life cosmetology are practiced.

What is T.C.M Cosmetology