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 There are so many similar symptoms between Gall stones and leukaemia, such as white blood cells and neutrophil obviously increase and both diseases are cause abdominal pain etc. some other symptoms like joint pain, tiredness, lymph swelling etc. which is gall stones patients don’t have. Doctors have to be very careful to diagnose each disease.  

Once the patient has been diagnosed as having gall stones, with the TCM and acupuncture treatment the gall stone could pass out from the body through the large intestine. Through the treatment there are other probabilities, which are the gall stone doesn’t pass out through the large intestine but instead the stone reverses back to the gallbladder. Either way the patient’s pain will go away, but the same problem will happen again in future.

The best way to treat gall stone is : The patient should take 1-6 section TCM and acupuncture treatment, continue to have 1-4 section ‘’ Fundamentals of the general offensive therapy for removing stones’’, let the gall stone move out from gallbladder completely, and make sure this problem does not happen again.

Gall Stones or Leukemia?

Gall Stones or Leukemia