Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic

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     42 Market Street


    Telford TF1 1DT UnitedKingdom


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1 Yin Yang And Five Element

3 Feng Shui

4 Hands and Face Diagnosis

5 Vertebra Can Treat Hundreds

Of Diseases

7 Massage Technique

10 One Point Treatment On

Different Disease

8 Acupuncture Pathways And

Acupuncture Points

13 Home Beauty Masks

16 Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dietary Therapy

2 Cosmetology Acupuncture

6 Pain Relief

9 Gua Sha Therapy

12 Cupping      Therapy

15  Secret Diagnosis Pulse And Tongue

11 Aromatherapy

18 Reflexology

17 Easy Chinese Language

14 Moxibation Therapy

Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine                       Clinic music by:

                Christopher. W Powell