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Call: ++44 (0) 1952 250458

Email: wangherbal@gmail.com


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*Thank you to Dr.Wang — As an Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferer, I would like to share with others how life-changing.

The herbal medicine that Dr.Wang has given to me stopped my stomach cramp and bowel movements, and more and more normal,

I feel I have got my life back, enjoy more my quality life……( Gill Collins )

*We love Herbal medicine and Acupuncture, it harmonises Yin and Yang, since I had treatment, I am not weak, in pain , disease any more, it works. Dr.Wang was very much in key with the treatment delivered, she has always explained very clearly about the treatment, we love to come Dr.Wang’s Chinese Medicine clinic.( Laby Manu)

*I walked into Dr.Wang’s Clinic with very weak body, stressed and absolutely unhappy. I was not intending to be treated due to my maximum dignity. The acupuncture was excellent , I also had some herbal medicine,  now I am very strong and active, able to go through my daily routine without being short of breathe. I will recommend Dr.Wang to all of you. ( Jemima Boakye )

*This summer I came into Dr.Wang’s clinic like an old lady, after Dr.Wang gave acupuncture, I have not use my wood stick while I am walking. Now I am 79 year old, I can do things I couldn’t do before, every one said I look healthy and young. I think I am the lucky one that I meet Dr.Wang, I will recommend every one to see Dr.Wang. I am pain free, very happy. Thank you Wang ( Frances Clara Moore)

*To be honest with you, the first time that you walk into a new clinic, you don't know what to expect. My wife Paula recommended Dr. Wang's Clinic to me. I have seen the benefits straight away following the sessions of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Fire Treatment, for the ankle pain and Achillies problem due to sport related reasons. The expression on my face says it all. The pain has gone after the first session of treatment. I don't have pain any more.(Hezron)